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When the roof caved in '91, Heatley Capital went back out into the market to figure out how to get his investors back into the game. Companies who react quickly and can turn things around quickly are hard to come by. That's one reason I highly recommend this company.
--Vernon Schoemaker, Investor since 1987

Works hard, shoots straight, and tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it. That's what I appreciate most about Heatley Capital.
--Royce Hunter, Investor since 1988

One of the reasons I invest with Heatley Capital is durability. In the early 90s they endured one of the worst downturns ever for DFW real estate and never flinched.
--Bill Thrailkill, Investor since 1988

No one likes having to scour every single page to uncover the worst case scenario. Heatley Capital spells it out in easy to understand terms right up front so I can quickly decide if a proposal is right for me.
--Frank Wu, Investor since 1993

Once they've got your money, many investment firms forget about you until they've got something else to sell you. Heatley Capital isn't one of those firms. I give them five stars for keeping their investors up to date.
--Charles Redfearn, Investor since 1989