Pandemic Exit

First, get over it.  It won't be 2021.

2022 maybe, if we get lucky on testing and vaccine, says Bill Gates.

That long?  It's not because of the virus.  Or lack of a vaccine.  It's human behavior.

The U.S. has proven incapable of forming a unified front to stop the spread.  We hold top spot in the world for mismanagement of the pandemic. So, our own citizens are doing us in. More scary, they're allowed to vote. Taiwan figured it out: 7 deaths, and now they’re back in full swing. Their citizens, however, pulled together, gung ho.  We didn’t.

Even more scary, leadership.  Florida's governor just lifted all Covid-19 mandates, opening bars and restaurants to full capacity, no mask required.  One bar owner even denied entry to anyone wearing a mask. This, in the second hardest hit states from Covid-19 casualties?

Insane, but true.

Not a good play.

Way too many mask yokels.

Fauci: "America's not in a good spot to be right now."

He's been wrong before, but we both know he's right on that one.