Pandemic Pinheads

In a giving moment I ended up donating it to charity, but the T-shirt read: “the beatings will continue until morale improves.”  Such is the outlook for the remainder of 2020 should the "new phase" Covid-19 numbers persist.

No better than we did in our response to Covid-19, I'm not too proud of being a Texan right now. Texas is shaped like a T-bone and, with its willful ignorance of science, looking just as dumb.  With Covid-19 more widespread than ever in the U.S, (even its islands now), it's time we talked etiquette and common sense. That "turn-this-plane-around-and-head-back-to-the-gate-I’m-NOT-wearing-that-mask" mob is on the rise.

Delta obliged, BTW, returning to the gate to off load the two anti-maskers. Happened July 27th on an Atlanta to Detroit flight.  Increasing numbers of Karens are among us, some now armed and dangerous.

Just one state got it right on flattening the curve: Connecticut.  Now they’re besieged with anti-mask protests.

The pandemic doesn't care that you're tired of it, that you're in a rush to bring back normal. I warned about this in March, that America's impatience with shelter-in-place would cost dearly. Now the numbers have been running worse than the April spike. Never mind that what Texas did in April was more of a let up than a lockdown.

We Didn't Obey

Now We Pay

Note to anti-mask Karens:  though unbearably selfish, true, you have your rights.  But the rest of us?  We’ve  the right. . . not. . . to be included in your pathogen party because you refuse to wear a mask, spreading your virus all over. Keep your pathogens to yourself.

And one more thing:

Wash Up

Mask up

Goggle Up

Grow up

(And Stop Killing Us)

Not to inconvenience you but, we like living as much as you.