Read. Now.

OK: media bias has so distorted our worldview, nobody can tell what's up, except for this: it's stinking chaotic out there. And almost none of us (barring the millions in denial) in their heart of hearts feels it will be better anytime soon. So behind the 8-ball on COVID-19 testing are we, nothing's visible but pitch black. More painful, we Americans have awakened to a world unequipped to handle disorder.

SO: in that search for a quiet corner of your brain, get and read this now:  Factfulness, by Hans Rosling

Not to diminish the gravity of the situation, but the world is better off than even the experts guess. Way better off. I was half way through Factfulness when the virus hit. Now it's a page-turner I can't put down. Update your knowledge, reevaluate your worldview. What was known to be true. . .isn't.

Will everything be OK? Yes. Sure. Will everything go back to the way it was? Oh, boy.

Mike Heatley