That rising U. S. trade deficit with Mexico and China. Is it a big deal?

The Donald rhetoric says the U.S. is at the short end of the stick with Mexico, more so with China, a condition worsening exponentially to the point of national disgrace. Maybe a modicum of truth there, at least it plays good to the crowd who elected him president.

But some say baloney, political rubbish, no big deal, doesn’t matter. That there’s more to trade value than the deficit on its own.

So I wonder: say the trend continues, as it likely will, but all the way to the point of zero return on investment. Like when the U. S. is taking in 100% of Mexico’s exports, and Mexico’s taking 0% of ours.

What happens?

You’re telling me there’s never a point where it becomes not worth having Mexico as a trading partner? OK, so you admit, there is. Maybe we start at that point and work our way backwards to equilibrium.

And maybe you should read Part 2 of this blog because we’re in the middle of deep dive research to get at exactly what matters. There’s 1,300 Heatley Capital-owned acres at the Texas/Mexico border, whose investors are just aching to know: who’s zooming who?

Tune back in — you don’t wanna miss this one.