The 2020 FED Stimulus: Was it the Answer to Covid-19? (Don’t be Too Sure.)

The stock market surge is saying the stimulus plan was the right call. But then, the stock market isn't the economy, is it?

History has the last say, and it may show those trillions of 2020 FED relief dollars damaged the U.S. economy more than Covid-19 itself.  Besides, explain how is it the term "stimulus" was adopted so eagerly in place of what those relief dollars really were: handouts.

Or, how handouts, like welfare, are the way to motivate the jobless back to work. Who can blame them:  making more from unemployment than from on-the-job pay has to be the most counterproductive hack since, yes. . .


SO: as the stock market rambles along as if the FED give away was the end-all fix-all, maybe we should ponder a more realistic possibility: in mortified denial, the stock market is running on an imaginary track as we discover how little we know about the reach of this virus or the magnitude of its economic consequences.

Decades-old fixes –- sorry, they’re not the fix for this pandemic.

Tell us where we're wrong.